Small Screen Zombie

Small Screen Zombie


• 20 H x 16 W x 3/4 in

• Acrylic on canvas

• Signed

• Frame included

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Small Screen Zombies

There are two Macs at home and one at work. Plus, a MacBook Air, an iPad, and two iPhones. All for me and me alone. 

I’m led to believe that I need them to communicate with my “friends”. Thousands of them - at least when I checked one minute and 2 seconds ago. They also have at least 2-3 of the devices I have, maybe more, probably newer. Their faces don’t always show themselves, but on the rare occasions that we see each other in the flesh ~ through live video or in person, it seems they know me as well as my big brother. 

We post. We like. We love. We wow, sad, and angry. We swipe. Sometimes we thumbs up eggplant peach plewds. We give byte-sized pieces of our minds. But me, I also listen to mine and transcribe in acrylic.

I feast off the blue light transmissions that lift me up and take me down. One second, I’m superior and inferior the next. It’s my news source, my library, my entertainment center, my camera, my yearbook, my teacher, my memory, my shopping mall, my inspiration, my prostitute, my drug dealer, my bully, my crutch, my lost time. 

Outside of my digital bubble, I am disconnected but rarely unplugged. I can no longer point fingers at those that are incapable of silence, boredom, or the chance of a real-life human encounter. Somewhere around the iPhone 6, I turned and became one of Them: A small screen zombie.