“The list: Celebrities accused of sexual misconduct.”

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“The list: Celebrities accused of sexual misconduct.”


• 20 H x 16 W x 3/4 in

• Acrylic paint, graphite, and pastel on canvas

• Signed

• Frame not included

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Upon Hearing the #News

In 2017, my social media feeds were hijacked by politics. What used to be a source of light entertainment is now a source of anxiety and pent-up anger. 

Using a putty knife instead of a brush, I dragged and scraped bold and bright colors into a frenzy without having an end goal except perhaps to purge. Then the faces started to emerge. Shocked and disturbed. Wide-eyed and mouth agape. Suspended and often self-medicated. A stark contrast to the seemingly optimistic color palette I had gravitated towards. 

In 172 days, I had painted over 100 reactions to what I believe are visceral responses to the endless flood of absurd news headlines that we can no longer ignore or escape.