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Born in Inglewood, California to conservative, working class parents, Chad’s exposure to a limited worldview remained constant throughout his childhood as he moved between cities in Texas where guns, oil, bigotry, and right-wing Christian values surrounded him. Moving to a different city an average of every four years continued into his adult life, now totaling 11 cities across 3 countries. With each stop came seemingly more varied and enlightened locales with entirely new philosophies.

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Ever fascinated by advertising – even as a teen, Chad found himself seeking ways to influence large groups of people through entertainment and the art of persuasion. His growing need to create positive social impact and a desire to better his own life began to bubble to the surface in his work as he experimented with more subversive ways to inspire change.

Informed by news media, consumerism, corporate culture, spirituality, self-help, political and ethical issues, Chad’s work refuses to fit into convenient, traditional standards and definitions. Instead it challenges all who experience it in myriad ways to look within themselves and try to understand this changing world.

Using a variety of materials and mediums, Chad often approaches the many sides of an issue with a singular focus on the importance of having the conversation, even if it’s with oneself.

In 2014, Chad moved back to Texas (Austin) with his dog Ringo, a passion to explore the dichotomy of the human spirit, and a small, but manageable, addiction to Topo Chico.

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