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I've always worn titles like a well-designed, ill-fitting suit. Copywriter. Creative Director. Video Content Writer/Director. Brand Marketing Advisor. Musician. Voiceover. Entrepreneur. Educator. No wonder even my closest friends have an awkward time introducing me. (It's pronounced "Ray", by the way.) 

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with the art of persuasion. As a child, I quickly learned that making and gifting artful objects was an effective strategy to earn attention and affection. At the age of 16, after shadowing a billboard photographer around Pittsburgh and seeing his creations on display for the masses, I had already made up mind that advertising would be the vehicle to express myself on the global stage. That is, if my band didn't get signed first.

As an international copywriter and creative director that helped develop more than 160 brands, I became an expert on manipulating words, imagery, and objects to create effect and instigate action. Somewhere between the realization of the awesome power and influence I had on people’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior; my diminishing respect for business culture; my growing interest in social impact; and my personal quest for spiritual self-help, I began to see that everything is a form of advertising used by everyone, consciously or unconsciously, to try and get what they desire. Some of us are just better at it than others.

My art has simply evolved into subversive advertising for my ever-evolving personal brand who’s marketing objective is to use cultural insights and human truths as a means to provoke, surprise, engage, inform, entertain, profit, and inspire positive change. And, like the best advertising, it is not limited to a single medium.

Today I make art and commerce for others and with others, but mostly for the collective me. To collaborate, commission, or exhibit, please sell it to me below. And don't forget to exit through the gift shop


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