The world's smallest music venue. The world's smallest most powerful energy drink. 


As the external marketing department of Drinks That Work, 86 the onions, my former agency, took the Gizo brand, pronounced “jiz-o” by some, and created an entirely new positioning, name, logo, and packaging, as well as a newsworthy sales, online and national sampling program that were designed to be the smallest, most powerful in the world, just like the energy shooter itself. 

Agency: 86 the onions (Los Angeles)  Role: Writer, Creative Director, Business Development, Account Manager

86 the onions got my attention and as a busy entrepreneur that is an accomplishment. I was hooked with their crazy calling card and after one meeting they convinced me they know how to reach and inspire my target audience. I trust these guys to come up with an approach that works and gets attention. I can only afford to pay for results and i wouldn’t be using 86 the onions if the results didn’t follow.
— Brian Lovejoy, Drinks That Work / Upshot