T-Post is the world’s first wearable magazine. News + graphic tee = all around conversation piece. For 2 years as Chief Yank, I found the news, wrote the commentary, discovered and managed the visual artists to interpret the stories, and worked with the company founder on marketing and business development. 

Agency: T-post (Umea, Sweden)  Role: Writer, Creative Director, Artist Management, Marketing & Business Development


This film was created to advertise the Christmas promotion: "Give a shirt as a gift, get a free shirt as our gift."

Higher Education or Just Plain High?

This issue, and promo film, was about the state of higher education and the ridiculous, real-life curriculum being taught, like the philosophy of the Simpson. What's next? Rock, Paper, Scissors class as a means to learn business negotiations?


This issue, and promo film, was about the most sampled piece of music, a second drumbeat called the Amen break.