Sue Teller was a character I created to inspire and instigate youngsters to "dew your own adventure" by showing them what many of the pioneers of the DIY movement are doing, but in an unexpected way.

We leaked the videos out through a fake account that supposedly belonged to the editor of a community access TV channel who was simply showcasing his video work. Word of the 84-year old DJ/Maker quickly spread through the interwebs. 

YouTube videos alone were viewed 7 million times. Sue was interviewed by AARP. Received invitations to perform from Ellen, BET, Tonight Show, and several Hollywood influencer events flooded in, despite being a complete fake character. And videos were featured on DIRECTV’s blogger video program The Fizz and at the HappyHour Short Film Festival.

When Mountain Dew decided it was the end of the road, uh, someone released one last video.

Sue Teller lives, even though we faked her death. Over 8 years later, she is still being discovered, remixed, and promoted through sites like Buzzfeed.

These are two commissioned web films. Google and YouTube the others that fans have created. 

Agency: 86 the onions (Los Angeles)  Role: Writer, Creative Director, Business Development, Account Manager