dabball is an iPhone app that I concepted, developed, and marketed through my company, ecopop, and in collaboration with designer option-g and developer EYEMAGINE. As the world's first interactive art gallery and game app, it features more than 400 original artworks by 43 international artists that you can play games with, download as digital wallpaper, and hang on your wall as museum-quality posters. 

Agency: ecopop (Portland)  Role: Writer, Creative Director, Marketing

PARTY ARTY- Launch event

To launch dabball in Portland, we created “Party Arty,” a flash mob meets secret pop-up art gallery for iPhones.Two weeks before the event, the buzz began to spread via postcards in retail stores, Facebook, twitter, and local event blogs, and invited interested parties to scan the featured QR code or text the word “dabball” to a phone number and then wait for the secret time and location to be texted back to them.  After receiving a last-minute text message revealing when and where to go, hundreds of art and technology lovers armed with iPhones began crowding the sidewalk of a vacant building in Portland’s pearl district to interact with what one bystander aptly called a “QR cloud”, a colorful mosaic of 43 artfully-arranged, framed QR codes against a cement wall.  Event-goers were then instructed to use their iPhones and a QR code reader app to scan the mysterious barcodes to reveal art by one of 43 dabball artists. After 2 years in the app store, the artist contracts expired and so did the app.